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Finding partners and customers in Germany

Unique Selling Points

What are you good in and why should your target customers consider your products or services? We help to define strong USPs!


Business Development Stragegies for Germany


Do you have a specific product and services that you want to directly publicize? Don't think twice, move and improve your sales and distribution!


From strategy to operations - Business Development in Germany

Live to Perform

Successful business development plays an integrative role in modern organizations – bridging the gap between strategic intent and organizational execution.



Business development has become a way for top management to dedicate a permanent team of capable professionals to explore new growth and diversification opportunities and deliver accelerated development of their business in Germany. The early experiences from the reality of business development indicate that the success formula for accelerating business development efforts is less obvious. Certainly, it involves much more than just getting the right people on the bus. Since business development is still touching virgin ground, the experiences from leading business institutions provide little guidance as to the best practices in management and organizing logic of successful business development.

Target Customer Segmantation & Market Penetration

Customer needs play a significant role when introducing new products or services into the marketplace Germany. Entering companies often find it extremely challenging to position their products or services to drive demand among a carefully defined customer target segment. Typical challenges we see can be summarized as follows:

  • Conducting an in-depth market research
  • Defining the right customer target segment
  • Knowing how to position the product or service among this target segment

Our Service

Market Expansion.Services is more than ready to help expanding companies to develop their business in Germany. Market Expansion.Services will help you to align your products and services with identified key-customer-segments in order to penetrate the marketplace Germany. 

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Lead Generation

Lead generation follows demand generation. But how to actually drive demand for your products or services in an unknown marketplace Germany? Expanding companies often learn on the hard way that German consumers have not been waiting for their product or service. To drive demand in Germany it is essential to carefully think about how relevant the product or service may be for German consumers. Often this relates to an extremely high effort for consumer education and marketing, well lead-generation initiatives. 

Our Service

Given the technology today, Market Expansion.Services include lead generation and lead nurturing. Our consultants will make sure that there is a right and suitable information campaign about your brand, as well as your products and services. In this way, interest not only to your target market but also to future partners will be heightened to develop your sales pipeline.

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Business Partnerships & Ecosystems

One key success factor of a successful executed market expansion strategy is the ability to know if to partner and with whom. If the required resources are already available within the company, expanding companies may be better advised to keep ownership of the full value-chain. However, usually expanding companies are lacking resources somewhere along the value-chain. Hence, expanding companies have the need to either partner on the strategic or on the executive end of the value-chain. Often small to medium sized companies even have to partner along the whole value chain: With local advisors to get market-expansion strategy right, as well as with local distributors to find access to buyers eventually.

Our Service

Your company will be enabled to maximize its future market potential by receiving access to relevant business networks. We will serve your company as a facilitator to establish rich business partnership-, distributor- as well as reseller- agreements. Gaining market access will enable your company to successfully introduce your products and services to the German market.

Experienced strategy consultants with Market Expansion.Services are well-equipped to help expanding companies about establishing efficient sales and distribution networks in Germany and Greater Europe. We have the necessary network, connections, and market awareness in making these processes easy to consume for expanding companies.

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Effectively Go-to-Market

Go-to-Market strategy is indeed significant through activating your company's sales forces and/or distributors. How can you implement it right? You need an expert to define tailored value propositions for your expanding business in Germany.

Our Service

Market Expansion.Services help enhance growth and profitability with economies of scale in marketing and distribution. Your engagement with Market Expansion.Services offers potential ability to grow your business and maintain a focus on your core capabilities by navigating the intricacies and distinctive demands of the retail market place.

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Agreements and T&Cs

It is important you understand everything before you sign on the dotted line, as you could find yourself landed with extra fees or charges. While all consumer contracts are subject to the unfair terms in consumer contract regulations, this doesn't mean you can challenge a clause just because you didn't know it was there, or you think it's unfair. Since it's clearly written, you're bound by it.

Our Service

Experienced legal advisors from Counselhouse are well-oriented about the significant laws that should adhere to. In terms of structuring legal agreements and Terms and Conditions, you are rest-assured that we have legal experts who can advise and are willing to guide you according to your needs.

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