Plan Your Exit

Many of the steps to exiting a business are ones also required for a successful company. The most successful exits require considerable planning!




Exit strategy should be seen more as a logical set of goals not less as a termination. Choose an exit strategy that aligns with your business and personal goals!



Post Exit

As the owner, you should determine the expected parameters and results. Think of you exit strategy as how the business transits to the next major stage!



A successful business builds wealth for its owners by accumulating assets and building future profit potential. The most common favorable exit strategies are to sell the business, sell the assets of the business, merge it with another business, or sell shares in the business to the public at large. Unfortunately those entrepreneurs who do not plan an exit strategy will one day exit from their businesses unprepared.

Some entrepreneurs exit the business for reasons other than wealth, retirement, or the desire to pursue other goals. Death, disability, family circumstances, and divorce from partners sometimes lead to an early exit. Without an exit plan, entrepreneurs who want a favorable outcome for themselves, their heirs, or their employees may find that their exit is other than what they wanted it to be.

Planning the Exit

Expanding companies usually fail to design an exit plan strategy as they still are focusing on developing the business in Germany. However, planning an exit strategy is the most common overlooked consideration of a business strategy. By not planning an exit strategy beforehand, business owners, their heirs, or their successors may find that the options in the future are limited.

Our Service

Consultinghouse is more than ready to help your company to see the much reason for planning and choosing the right exit mode that suits your business. Besides having the peace of mind that you can exit the business profitably, protection of the value of built business, smooth transition of business, potential income for retirement and creation of strategic direction for your business growth are parts of the benefit of your exit decision. Consultinghouse helps you to make favorable exit strategies that suit your business either by selling of business shares, assets or merging with other business.

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Exit the Market

Long run reaction to loses makes firms plan their exit. Those entrepreneurs who failed to plan their exit strategy will one day exit from their businesses unprepared. Most businessmen who fail to plan their exit will struggle with sustainability when the time comes. Thus, finding it difficult to resolve tension that may arise between the withdrawal of assistance and commitment to achieve programs outcomes and increasing the potential for misunderstandings and future dependency.

Our Service

Our Liquidation experts from Consultinghouse provide clients with a concrete, less cost and clear-cut process that brings your company to a wonderful chronological end while providing formal closure. Consultinghouse will assist in all levels of the solvent liquidation processes and finalize it in an appropriate manner.

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