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Provide Great Payroll

Salary does not only equate money but it also shows your company's professionalism. Give the exact salary on time so everybody will be happy to work efficiently!



Perks and Benfits

Employees perform well when they receive better employment benefits and their efforts are recognized. Offer the best work and life balance in your company!



Responsibilities for talent management must be clear! The desire for behaviors of leaders and all employees should be communicated clearly and embedded throughout the talent management process. Talent Management helps to identify which attitude, knowledge and skills are necessary for each of the key functions of the organization. It designed the appropriate processes for hiring for attitude, training for skills, coaching for performance and managing in order to retain and grow key talent.

Benefit & Reward

Often companies overlook the purpose of performance management and governance with regard to managing their organization. Many companies fail to inculcate compliance as a performance strategy making it difficult to determine an employee's individual benefits & rewards. Non-compliance of employees in any company affects individual drive and capacity development.

Our Service

Consultinghouse helps employers manage their payroll. We will advise you on how to deal with your company’s resources to make employees feel important. Consultinghouse will advice you on the payroll system that acknowledges employees’ value and make them happy to stay.

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Sourcing the right talent

Often companies in Germany find it challenging to adopt clear definitions and transparent processes that will help gain trust and build credibility; align development approaches to business strategy, mobilize talent where possible and demonstrate that talent practices add real business value.

Our Services

A good image and solid reputation of any company are key factors to attract talent. HeroConsulting will address all talent sourcing challenges by using a powerful model that will help to know what type of person is suited for the job, which resume to select, recognize the best match, minimize circle time and being able to retain best candidates.

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Talent Management

In any step of a company's lifecylce new skills and capabilities are needed to meet the company's current as well as future operational requirements. Developing an unique organizational model is important to help executives structure their running business operations in Germany.

Our Services

HeroConsulting offers wide variety of programs and activities from executive coaching to team building set-up. Through the services that we offer, it is important for us that you can recognize and can concretely assess your employees as potential leaders of your company.

There is assurance that they can also get additional knowledge from our programs so that they can also be their own leaders in terms of efficiency and time management. HeroConsulting’s experts will give viable advice about regarding the restructuring of your organization. Various departments of your company will be further studied and developed through sustainable growth strategy.

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Organization Development

It may seem difficult for an expanding company to have an in-depth understanding of the challenges of organizational development in a foreign market. For this reason, it is highly recommended to introduce strong performance measurements and KPIs to successfully master the organizational challenges a developing business in Germany may face.

Our Service

HeroConsulting helps to carefully evaluate the health of an organization allowing expanding companies to grow their business sustainable. In addition, HeroConsulting can suggest different tools and methods to help expanding companies to better understand their organization’s strengths and weaknesses. A good assessment will have a positive on future job descriptions and the decisions made as part of a recruitment process. Having a clear talent management strategy in place will help expanding companies to reduce risk while sustainable develop a team to win.

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Benefits and rewards

How do you motivate employees? Rewarding talented people inappropriately is where some companies got it wrong. It reduces the morale and attitude of talented employees to work. In some firms, it is not a surprise to see remuneration having little to do real work performance. Most companies fail to carry out appraisal meeting regularly creating an atmosphere of unchecked attitude of employees towards their works. 

Our Services

HeroConsulting would carefully help you analyze your company's vision so that we can identify the key performance indicators expected to your employees so that we can further optimize the productivity of your manpower.

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