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Your key to successful market expansion in Germany

German company forms

Choosing the right German legal form is key to successful operations and overall growth for your business in Germany!


Foreign managing diretors for your business in Germany

Managing Director

Managers determine the identity of any company. Get for a good manager your company that will carry out brilliantly all responsibilities!


Business Incorporation Services for Germany

Gear up for Red-Tape

Gearing up or reducing red-tape is a complex, diverse and pluralistic process. We help to staying compliant in Germany!




To incoporate a business in Germany consists of various procedures that must be followed to fulfill all the legal requirements. A step by step guide is needed to find and accomplish all the different documents that must be submitted to the German authorities to eventually have a new business successfully incorporated in Germany. Business owner and shareholder will be responsible for additional record keeping requirements and administrative details. One of the key elements in this phase is to take an immediate but well-thought action that also can be measured post-incorporation.

The right Legal Form

Starting companies in Germany often find it very difficult at the beginning of their market entry initiative to evaluate the legal form that is supporting their business growth objectives in Germany. This is typically because entering companies in Germany fail to consider one or many of the following business levers:

  • the main business driver and objectives for the developing business in Germany
  • the most advantageous German tax structure,
  • the role of the people and partners to support the German business,
  • the tolerance of the shareholder for risk and liability
  • the importance of having a market exit strategy in place when entering the marketplace Germany.

Our Service

The right German legal form needs to be chosen to support the specific business objectives of an individual expanding business. Aligning the defined business model, supported by the right legal form, will drive a successful executed market entry strategy. Consultinghouse’s management consultants will help companies to evaluate the right legal form.

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It is a significant challenge identifying customers want and tailoring your marketing around the challenge. The process of registering may look tedious and rigorous when faced with smaller problems like over planning, depending on clients and serving customers better. When you over plan, there is tendency you provide limited time for execution. However, keeping customer’s data base, bad decision making and fear of competition are larger challenges. The best way to gain potential new customers and avoid negative judgment is to make a practical effort to foster a positive culture.

To define a business plan that supports your long-term business objectives as well as is generally accepted by German banks and thorities might be first first challenge for expanding companies to master. Also, deciding which business type is best for your business aims and goals may be another obstacle. Appointing the best directors members or managers may also look simple at the surface but it requires strategic selection.

Our Services

Consultinghouse works closely together with exapnding companies to evaluate the right German legal form that supports the long-term objective of the new business to be developed in Germany. We will help expanding companies to successfully incorporate a new legal entity in Germany. 

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Getting registered with German authorities and banks

Whether you are importing or exporting, you need to understand what paper work is required! Missing or inaccurate documents can increase risks, lead to delays and extra costs, or even prevent the completion of an important deal. Most companies do not understand what should be in their contracts and what paperwork needed for customs, transport and payment.

Our Service

To comply with German laws, it is mandatory to have a VAT number for financial trading. Consultinghouse helps expanding companies to open corporate bank accounts in Germany, as well as is making sure that registered companies will stay compliant with local rules and regulations.

Go to: German Corporate Bank Account

Implementing Employment Contracts

The first employee of an incorporated business in Germany will always be the managing director. We know this, as this is of course mandatory and required by the Germany statutory law. But how should an employment contract be designed to really support the interest of both, the company as well as the managing director. It gets even more interesting when the managing director joins the incorporated company actually from a foreign country, maybe even a country that is not part of the European Union.

Our Services

Counselhouse will guide you on how to apply for work permits as weill as how to design and implement an employment contract for your management directors. Keep in mind that Counselhouse’s legal services are not purely focusing on the initial incorporation stage of your new company but also to provide legal advice in the moment when new legal-specific challenges arise.

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