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Time is Money

Find support with your backoffice duties and gain more time to spent with your customers in Germany!



Virtual Office Address

Every registered company in Germany is required to have a business address in Germany. Mailboxes are no option. 



Business Correspondance

Expanding companies rely on virtual office solution provider to manage business correspondence among their headquarters and German banks and authorities!



Failing to adequately execute on a well-defined market entry strategy can introduce a significant amount of risk and hidden cost that can eat up the forecasted return on investment. For this reason, especially expanding companies usually do not have the time nor the resources to primarily focus on rudimentary and repeating back office procedures. To stay focused and agile while implementing a market entry strategy by developing a new incorporated German business, expanding companies should consider finding support with a dedicated virtual office solutions provider in Germany.

However, the remote nature of office support makes tracking performance even more critical than in traditional office settings. Communication as well as collaboration hinge on having reliable processes and performance measurements in place. Consistent and agreed-upon performance metrics also serve as the foundation for a trusting relationship between expanding companies and virtual office solutions provider in Germany.

No Time and Resources for Administrative Tasks and Back Office Duties

A lack of adequate time to take care of rudimentary administrative and back up duties may lead to missed deadlines and additional auditing by German authorities which could eventually take so long than resolving with the local authorities at the initial stage. To avoid inefficiency, expanding companies should find support with a professional virtual office solution provider in Germany.

Our Services

Consultinghouse helps expanding companies in Germany to advantage from its Corporate Virtual Office Solutions. Since young companies will be spending less time on back office over-head and administration, it effectively will have more time to focus on the execution of your go-to-market strategy. All saving will essentially help your company to invest more in your customer relationships. Consultinghouse will explicitly explain to you the benefits of virtual office and how it can push your business forward and increase your company's productivity as you are developing your business in Germany.

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