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Thinking about whether to enter the German market? We help to evaluate the Market Potential in Germany keeping the risk low!



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Expanding companies need to be informed about their potential target market's wants, needs, and desires. We help to with Market Research in Germany!



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We help international companies to execute their Market Entry Strategy, enabling them to successfully expand to Germany!



Approaching a market the wrong way may be even worse for an expanding business than not entering a market at all. Especially small and mid-sized companies usually approach a new market without the necessary data and measurements in place, making them get the worst outcome from their market entry strategy.

Market Potential Analysis

Approaching a market the wrong way can be even worse for expanding businesses than not entering a new market at all. Especially small and mid-sized companies often approach new markets without the necessary market entry strategy and business performance measurements in place. Expanding a market without having done a in-depth market potential analysis is just increasing chances to making them get the worst outcome from their market entry strategy. When only relying on their gut feeling the frustration may be very high in the end, resulting in a failed market entry approach and leaving them with no other option than opting out from the market again. What companies should be taking into consideration before entering a new market:

  • Competition: Are there already similar products of servies on the market
  • Market Potentials: Are there market niches that have not been explored yet
  • Customer Segments: What are the typical customers needs and how to address them
  • Unique Selling Point & Positioning: How should you position your product or services. Remember, this may vary by market for the same product

Our Service

As an expanding company, there's no doubt that you will require a lot of information about the target market. However, the question is whether the information can be interpreted in the right way to define a strong market entry strategy based on it. Hence, it might be quite challenging for expanding companies to extract insights and how to make possible decisions around the complexity of developing a business in Germany.

For this reason, it is very critical to have a data-driven market entry strategy in place. Having a market entry plan and required measurements defined will certainly increase the chances for expanding companies to successfully develop a new business in the marketplace Germany. 

Market Expansion Services (ME.S) provides market research services to evaluate market potentials tailored to your individual business. Based on Market Expansion Services’ proven methodology, we can evaluate the size of the new market aligned with your product or services. The result will help your company to understand in detail what the actual market potential will be to successfully position your unique products or services in a new market.

The approach is very simple: ME.S does not just simply provide you a chunk of generic market data to leave you on your own with it. ME.S processes, analyzes, and interprets the information it has researched to bring them into context to your individual business. ME.S will present it in a way that is understandable by the business and truly tailored to your company's very specific needs and objectives. Our consultation is a way to help you to successfully position your services and products in a new market.

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