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Knowing what you Need

It is important you are aware of what you can spend before diving into the search world of getting and retaining reliable employees.



The Needle in the Haystack

There is a need for a company to state clearly the rewards and benefits that employees are entitled to. Make a detailed list of employers and their roles!



Building a Team to Win

You need to employ the best strategies and methodologies to put together brilliant employees to ensure candidates are fully scrutinized and vetted.



There is no doubt that employees are the main driver of any expanding company. Employees bring life and energy to any business company. They are the lifeline of any institutions because without them all the departments would not function. It might be tedious to hire a talent in a foreign country but it is indeed worthwhile to have a helping hand to carry out your business objectives and implement your plans.

Without the right people on board an expanding company will find it challenging to meet carefully defined business objectives. It might be tedious to hire a talent in a foreign country but it is indeed worthwhile to have a helping hand to source and recruit very well selected talent for your growing organization.

Executive search goes beyond just search, it accesses organization and its culture, integrate a new leader for optimum success and advice executive leadership and boards.

The brilliant thing about executive search firms to their clients is the help they render in identifying leadership assets, unforeseen challenges they must be ready for and the qualities they must acquire and cultivate to meet those challenges. They are experts who possess the resources and experience to identify, evaluate and secure reliable candidates. Their partnership with clients provides expertise in functional roles and location of client’s operation.

It’s All about the Team

The challenging part of finding the right talent for expanding companies is to know which candidate profile to look for. To build a team to win might be one of the toughest challenges for expanding companies of our time.

Our Service

Hero.Consulting is engaged to assist expanding companies in Germany to source the right people that together will from a winning team.

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Executive Search

It is a sensitive task bringing together a workforce that is proficient to move any company forward. Are you disturbed with making a strategy to get for your company best and suitable candidates? The challenging part of finding the suitable people to your company is knowing where and how to start. What type of methodologies do you want to employ in testing for competency? You should tap the right agency to help you recruit the right talent to support your company. These agencies are professionals ready to put you through wonderful methods to recruit competent employees that are committed and proficient thereby motivating a business to its peak.

Our Service

HeroConsulting is prepared to assist you in finding the right people to sit in your company's top level management positions. We will present various case studies on how we professionally handled our previous search so that you will have a concrete idea about our systematic procedures. Our consultants will share not only their expertise, but also their connections to a variety of fields or discipline so it would not be difficult for you to penetrate the market and look for the right person to carry out your company's everyday goals and vision.

HeroConsulting is aware of the terrain. Our members have access across industries as well as geographies and we have the know-how to help clients think in a new direction about how to identify, recruit and retain top leaders.

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Rewards & Benefit

Rewards & Benefits can be seen not only from a monetary perspective but it can also be considered as an extra motivation boost for talent within your expanding company in Germany. Are there any other laws that you need to consider in planning your rewarding structure? Are you finding it difficult to give health care insurance coverage, retirement or leave benefits and securities compensation to your hardworking staff? A simple consultationcan bring realization.

Our Services

HeroConsulting offers wide variety of services which will help an employer like you in assigning the right compensation and benefits to your deserving employees and guide your company to know the importance of staff compensation and bonuses – a secret that beams competition amongst employees to make them more effective and productive.

Hiring of Employees

Do you hire considering rules and regulations as back-up? It is important to have a stipulated law guiding employment generally. This will help to regulate staff awareness. How will you convince a top level manager to join and be one of the leaders of your company? Hiring employees is beyond Headhunting. It requires commitment and responsibility.

Our Service

Counselhouse has a lot of legal and German consultants who are well-experienced in dealing with German bureaucratic law. This might be a little bit difficult for a foreign employer like you since you need to be well-oriented about various laws and procedures in the different regions in Germany. Our legal experts can answer all your questions depending on your concerns.

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