Rent & Obligations

Payment and other agreements are just some of the parts of your rental contract. Don't forget to pay and fulfill your obligations!



It's a Match

 It is important to know whether your business location matches with your business plan. Take your time to plan for your current and future needs and match it with the location! 




Registration & Compliance

Companies should be aware and conform to authority’s laws guiding their business locale. Make sure all government instructions are met!



When planning to have a new office space, companies must think about some practical issues such as spatial needs, proximity relations, IT infrastructure, and furniture. You might also consider occupancy costs, effectiveness of the working environment, Ergonomic, and environmental impact.

What location is best for my business?

There are many different and indivdiual criteria affecting your decision in finding the right location for your expanding business in Germany. This might be challenging, especially if you consider that this is a foreign land with its own language and business culture. Most common criteria to evaluate the right business location for your company in Germany are:

  • Customer Access
  • Market Reachability
  • Logistics & Infrastructure
  • Tax Advantages

Our Service

Consultinghouse provides business location evaluation services to find the right location for your company. Our experts will guide you towards “the minimal risk and maximum output” strategies. Our services include: financial risk report, research and a snapshot of the overall traffic of potential customers.

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The right Business Location

Selecting the proper place of incorporation is one major decision. It is important to know the rules that govern incorporating of business in that place of interest. Where to situate your business in a foreign land is the most challenging part of market entry. It is difficult in terms of planning as well as in terms of implementing your plans. The reasons might be because of your limited knowledge in the area or practical experience in the new country where you want to open your market.

Our Services

Consultinghouse will help your company get registered for a certificate of authority in that foreign state where you have decided to do your business. However, all necessary fees, requirements and further inquiries will be best research on by Consultinghouse.

Consultinghouse will be in every step of the way. Since transacting business differs according to each state, our experts are more than ready to give a convincing advice on a suitable location for growing your business and the process of transacting business.

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Signing an office lease contract in Germany

How can you make sure that what your signed office lease contract contains all the required features needed to really support your expanding business in Germany?

Our Service

In evaluating a rent contract in Germany, Counselhouse evaluates the affordability of the cost based on the specification of your company. Counselhouse also takes into consideration labor and other office hazards that might affect your business. Counselhouse checks these factors that will influence which area can be a suitable location for your business. After these are determined, your company can now decide and you may begin to operate in your new location.

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