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Laws and Regulations

HerzlichWilkommen in Deutschland! Aside from being familiar with the foreign culture, it pays to know your legal rights and limitations.



Timeframe of Engagement

How long will you stay? Do you want to invite your family as well? The type of business you do may be a criterion for your short or long stay.



Not sure? No worries!

You don't know how to initiate your plan or you're just confused about all the legalities? Then, consult a legal expert!



It is important to know that you need a visa to be allowed in Germany no matter your nationality. If you are even spending a half-day, it is important to apply for a Shengen visa that guarantees your freedom of movement in Germany. Various questions can validate businessmen's certainty whether they are really prepared to have a resident or work permit outside of their home country. Relocation and deciding for the right work/residence permit might be challenging. However, there are legal experts and experienced consultants who are willing to assist.

The right Work Permit

Are you not sure whether you need a business license or permit? Have you consulted the state authorities where your business is situated? One of the problems which businessmen come across is the rigorous process of selecting what kind of permit is suitable for them. The process of obtaining a work permit for required talent might seem not very transparent.

Our Service

Counselhouse is up to the task. We are body consisting of professional lawyers who are indeed enthusiastic to make this arduous process simple to understand. Through their legal advice about the rules and regulations in Germany, obtaining a resident and work permit can get easier and even faster since Counselhouse experts will guide you in this process. We can also give you an experienced advice in case you want to also invite your family to stay with you in Germany.

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The German Blue Card

Going through with German Blue Card can be rigorous and stressful for new companies moving abroad. It is important to be in the right hands with those that can make your German Blue Card a reality. Most people are not well informed about the requirements and necessities of getting the card with ease.

Our Service

Counselhouse also makes you understand the German Blue Card. If the United States is famous because of its own “Green Card”, Germany offers its “Blue Card.” This has been implemented since 2009. It welcomes well-trained or highly skilled immigrants, specially coming from other continents, through the simplification of their entry and residential rights in Germany. The Blue Card guarantees residence permit with enhanced conditions.

Counselhouse gives clear information concerning about settlement permit and permanent EC residence permit in Germany. Counselhouse helps business professionals and specialized engineers to apply and obtain a German Blue Card.

Go to: German Blue Card

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